Things had been quiet too long around here and I was starting have to much time on my hands after grad school, yea right. So we decided to spice things up a little and bought a new house by accident.


We have been looking at open houses for a year or so now with the idea that we would kind of know what we wanted when we saw it when the time was right. I just assumed that time was in about a year or so. Whoops! We went to see an open house less than a mile from our current house with low expectations. I have one odd ball criteria for a house. I want RV & boat access for storage. Rare in new home developments in general. Well this one had this and all the other things we were looking for and the kids won’t even need to change schools. So we fixed up our place by doing everything I have been putting off for the last year or so. The place looks great now and I should have done it all those things a long time ago. Live and learn I suppose. So if you know anyone looking for a great place in Lincoln let them know I have one for sale. By the way there is nothing wrong with our old one other than it became a little to small for us.

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