Van fun, not!

Last weekend was Dawn’s big art opening. She had gone down about 15minutes before us Saturday night to chat with folks and answer questions. We followed in the van with my folks who came up from Santa Cruz for the day. Kyle and Erin were also along. It was 108 that day. When we hit 28th and J the van died in the middle of the intersection. We hopped out and pushed it across the intersection to a safe spot in front of Blimpies. The owner of Blimpies was super helpful and friendly. My dad and I had a nice dinner and desert while waiting. After a little debugging, with my brother Paul’s remote help, it turned out to be the fuel pump. A call to AAA and a two hour plus wait we were towed home. My Dad and I waited in the heat and watched the cougar migration into the bar down the street. Scarey! My Mom, Kyle and Erin got a ride to the show from Dawn’s friend Eric. He was in town from Michigan and saved the day by shuttling them around and then back home. Thanks again Eric!!! This Saturday it cooled off a little. It was only supposed to be 95 Saturday so I delved into replacing the fuel pump. In a Ford full sized van that meant dropping the tank. Argh! Robert, my neighbor, happened by during his morning walk and ended up helping me drop the tank and put it back up in. Kudos to Robert for the help. Kyle pitched in and helped as well. Trying to teach him Man Stuff is a challenge and he fights it all the way usually. Once the tank was down the pump replacement only took ten minutes, if that, itself. The tank drop and rise took thirty minutes on each side of that and having an extra set up hands helped. Gathering the parts took a day or so as no one had a pump in stock and the replacement hoses were hard to find. It is done and works except for the fuel gauge is stuck in the middle. I hope I can fix that without dropping the tank again. I couldn’t get the tank up perfectly tight to the frame rail, so I hope a little drive around town settles the tank so I can tighten it up.

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