Transom Repairs Comming Along

Before and After with 30+ less holes!!! I had them leave only the ones for the new swim step so I don’t have to re-drill them. It was a pain to get it positioned just right the first time. The bummer is I have to drill holes for the new trims tabs but I can make sure they are sealed properly this time and not with silicone! I was lucky there was no rot, thank God for salt water.

They are still working on the fuel locker and new tank. The old tank had just about corroded through the bottom! It lasted 25 years but it was getting close to end of life. Not cool having a gas bomb waiting under the deck when you use your boat with your family.

A nice byproduct of repairing and repainting the transom is the elimination of the previous boat name. One more spot on the electronics box to remove the name and I am good to go to re-name the boat properly.

The engine compartment is mostly done as well. The fuel locker is getting re-glassed and painted also. Hopefully the aluminum bender gets the tank back for welding soon. Then I have to reinstall the batteries, charger and electrical stuff before the boat goes to the engine guys. It is still going to be a long summer. Hopefully it all gets done before the end of the summer.

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