Speed Run – SUP Surfing

I had not planned on doing any SUP surfing on this past MLK holiday weekend even though there was supposed to be a good winter swell. It was supposed to be a domestic weekend as I had been out of town the previous couple of weekends. I had resigned myself to that fact. Domestic.

As it turns out Dawn wanted to go to an art show in San Francisco on Saturday and so I jokingly, kinda, traded her for a speed run to SUP surfing Sunday. She ended up not going to the show after all, bummer for her.  I was very domestic Saturday and got a ton of stuff done.  Dawn really threw me a bone when she said I could go down the night before after putting Erin to bed after a bath. So I went down with the intent to do dawn patrol. Now dawn patrol for me is sleeping in which in itself it  kinda sad. I watched the sunrise and then hopped in. I surfed for hours from Pleasure to Privates and everything in between. I caught some nice waves here and there. It was a little choppy with wind and reflected waves which makes stand up a lot of work. It was also inconsistent with waves mostly breaking inside then whoppers popping up outside, frustrating.  The sweet spot was supposed to be later in the afternoon but it was not half bad in the morning as the swell was coming up all day. I was fried by the time I left. I checked the cams later and the afternoon was much bigger. Oh well, I still had a great day.

I made it back in time to catch the 49ers playoff game. What a ripoff that was, damn refs. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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