How fast a decade goes. We officially sold our place as of yesterday! It seems like just yesterday that I impulsively bought a house after my divorce while I was dating Dawn. I thought it I was just buying a place for a couple of years until I settled down with someone. Then I figured I would move to a house that “we” bought together. Well it turns out that it was Dawn that I settled down with and because of the real estate crash I was here a little longer then I had anticipated.

It was a great house but it was a little small for us and it did not have the garage or RV/boat space we (I) needed. The laundry room was incredible according to Dawn. Lots of room to leave clothes on the counter and easily converted to a darkroom or art space in a pinch. The neighboorhoood went from full when they first built everything, to empty during the crash. There are only three of us from the beginning. It is full again and I almost feel guilty leaving.

Well we rent back until the end of the month and our tenants move out the 24th. That gives us a week to move which should be enough. I am so looking forward to the new place! A little more room all the way around, my own office and a pool for the whole family.

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