Seating revamp for spring

Here is the starting point. Actually I have already redone the captains chair by removing the 4″ booster and replacing the seat slide. Now if you are driving seated you can slide the seat forward. If you want to drive standing you slide it back about 6-8″. This makes it easier to work fish and get into and out of drivers area quickly without getting hung up on things.


Dawn wanted a lounge seat on the port side. It is more lake boat styling and function which is fine by me. If it will make her happy I am cool with it and will probably be used more anyway. Smart gal. Kind of like this.

Here is what I have on order to replace the port pedestal seat. I got the grey/dark blue combo. They don’t make it in Oyster unfortunately which is the color of the hull and deck. Grey is better than Brite White which would have been blinding and stood out like a sore thumb on an old boat.

The existing pedestal seat is currently mounted to far forward to be comfortable. It is a knee basher as it is only inches from the forward bulkhead. The previous owner wanted maximum deck space for fishing. You can kind of see how close it is in this picture.

Here is my idea for behind the starboard captains chair. At the lake this will make for a nice lunch prep spot and when out fishing it can double as a bait station. It will have a sink with cold running water with a tackle center and storage below. Maybe a flip up seat in front. There is also a rod holder just to the right where I can mount a BBQ grill. Could be sweet set up if it comes together as I hope.

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