Yep you read that right. We recorded this afternoon on the new place. We officially own too many houses for the time being. On the new place we now have to wait for the tenant to move out on May 24th. Then we can move in. A part of me is relieved that we have some time to organize a move and the other part wants to get in there. It has a pool for God’s sake and it is 90 degrees this week! I have to take the long view and just chill. Get in there right. Clean, paint, etc.

On our old place we are supposed to close around the 13th of May and then we will rent back for two weeks. That gives us a week to move which should hopefully be enough. The only bummer is that the start of the move week is over the Memorial day weekend so getting folks working in there might be tough.

So hopefully our old place closes without any hitches, knock on wood, and then we just have to deal with the normal chaos of a move. Wish us luck.

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