New Years Resolution

My first resolution is to post more on my blog in 2014. So here we go.

I ended 2013 on a high note by, knock on wood, finishing my Masters Degree. I turned in my case study last Saturday night. I followed up with the graduate coordinator and she said the professor had requested a grade report. I said that was good right? She said that if there were problems with the case, the professor would have contacted me for revisions, so yea, I probably passed. Once my grade posts, she’ll take my file to the Dean for review and if he signs off it is over to the Registrar for awarding. So if everything goes well I should have my Masters February 1st. Apparently they only award on the 1st of each month. Once awarded I can update my work website and social media profiles. They only print diplomas in June and December so my physical diploma will be printed in June, which once mailed I should get in August they said.  I still can’t believe it, it has been almost six years that I have been working on it and the CFP(r) which I did concurrently. Not smart by the way if you want to have a life. I have been married just a little longer than I have been in school. Erin has known me as a student her whole life. I really can’t imagine not having the stress of the next class weighing on me.

There is more, but I don’t want to over do it day one.

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