Everyone except me, knock on wood, has had some dental work in the last week.

Erin kicked things off with a dental cleaning with a new dentist and new x-rays. She has to have some cavities filled and I had to go because she is beginning to get a fear of the dentist complex. She was a trooper this time around with only minor whimpering and tearing up. The dental assistant was very good and kept it fun. I just stood nearby to lend moral support. I only had to hold her hand once for just a few seconds.

Then it was Kyle’s turn, he had all four wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. Leading up to it you would think that he was going to be executed. “I don’t want to die” over and over again. Luckily the surgeon proscribed some Valium for the night before and the morning of his procedure. He didn’t have much swelling or pain thankfully but the drama, oh the drama. “Mommy you need to take care of me” all weekend. He wanted his Ensures and ice cream delivered right to his chair. He stayed wrapped in his blanket moving from chair to chair looking for sympathy.

Then it was Dawn’s turn today, Invisalign first fitting. Again, oh the drama. Kyle comes by it naturally. After a million, her story, impressions of her teeth they were ready for number one. I have only heard good things from folks in my office that had/have them but you would think that she had had some mid evil torture device installed in her mouth. I am trying to be supportive and I am sure things will get better but now she is determined to stay at home and sip water for the next year or two. I am sure it will get better, I hope. Be supportive, it is my husbandly duty.

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