Let the Chaos Begin!

This morning we get the keys to our new place from the tenant. I am not going over empty handed though. I am bringing the first load of yard stuff. Tonight we do our walk through with their “relocation specialist”. The rest of this weekend is moving the garage, yard and shed.

Monday and Tuesday we have painters, deep cleaners and carpet cleaners coming. So by Wednesday the place will be a clean slate. This includes turning the formal living/dining room into Dawn’s art studio. My folks are also coming up Monday afternoon and helping out through Thursday morning most likely. They are the veterans of many moves from when my Dad was in the military. I am sure having them will be super helpful by just having another set of packing hands and a car to move small loads will help. The goal is to have everything that the heavy movers are not responsible for gone.

Then Thursday afternoon the movers come for the heavy stuff and we will spend our first night there. Hopefully we are done at the old place except a little cleaning. Then do a walk though to get our deposit back Saturday.

As a bonus we can start using the pool, which is now running smoothly, and the hot tub. The hot tub just have a major service Friday which included a purge, filter change and water change. I am so going to need that for my expected sore body.

I already got one thing wrapped up on Friday which was getting Kyle transportation that won’t leak oil on the driveway. That is an HOA no-no apparently.  Sold his car with 190M miles on it and leased a nice subcompact for a nominal monthly amount. It is good to have friends who are GSM’s at local dealerships. The first year of payments were covered with just the things that various mechanics recommended I do anyway. That and I pick up reliability so I won’t be picking him up on the side of the road at some ungodly hour. Add in better mileage and regular vs premium and I about offset insurance bump.

So let the chaos begin!



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