It all started so innocently

So when we looked for our new house one of my criteria was that it had boat/RV storage. Dawn was nice enough to agree and we found one that had this.


So I filled it with this


and it left me with this


After a couple years we (Erin and Dawn) got a dog and I thought I would build a dog run / potty place on the side yard so the lawn and landscape survived. When I moved the bender board and removed the rocks I found a sewer clean out. Initially I wasn’t happy, but then my brain got creative, ambitious even. If I am able to do what I want over the next few years it will be pretty awesome. Here is the beginning:


I obtained a permit with the city to not only extend the sewer out further from the wall and closer to the boat but to make a run around to the back yard. The extension will be super handy as I have a porta-potty in the boat for the girls. It has always been a little sketchy bringing it into the house to dump in toilet. So I began digging, measuring, moving and testing for each phase of inspections.

sewer-before-drop sewer-pressure-inspection

After my final inspection for this phase it ends up being pretty damn uninspiring but done. The RV/Boat sewer clean out is in now closer in a nicely marked Carson box. The run to the back yard is now stubbed up in temporary Carson box ready for a later phase.


So what is my grand plan you ask? A picture is worth a thousand words I always say. I am teaching myself CAD drawing, which was not taught when I got my engineering degree all those years ago, and here is my vision!


First I add the 5’x15′ dog run on the side yard by the A/C unit. The dog run will have drain under it so I can rinse out the piss periodically. I am also leaving enough room between the dog run and A/C unit to add a door to laundry room. This was an option on my model which I don’t have and I will add later. This will be handy to keep wet kids from running across my hardwood kitchen floor on way to bathroom when they come in from swimming.  The laundry room is adjacent to bathroom just so ya know and all the floors are tile there.

Now Dawn asked what the was in front of my office window. She couldn’t believe it and scoffed at it. I said that it will happen and it will be glorious! A pop up TV!!! like this.


The extra large stainless steel sink will have a burly (commercial)  garbage disposal underneath it. When I extended the sewer I had the option to reduce diameter to 2″ but I kept the 3″ pipe so I could put fish and abalone guts down it if needed. I positioned it to Dawn as a sink for doing outdoor art projects.

Anyway the next phase is to get back on the dog run that got delayed. More digging and maybe pouring some concrete. I still have not decided on flooring material, concrete most likely. The BBQ counter (TV/sink) will be next year most likely and the main BBQ area will be a year after that. Wish me luck.


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