Good start to the year

I started the year off right by taking the first Friday off and going SUP surfing. Erin and I took off for Santa Cruz and left Dawn home to art it up. She had the itch to create and was not to be denied. Encaustic art ensued for her and she was happy. Erin hung out with Grandma and I headed to Sand Dollar to pick up my board after the repairs, but that is another story. I paddled out to Privates and caught dozens of waves. It was all knee to waist high but nice and clean only a few people out. At one point around dusk I had the place to myself. Absolutely awesome! The next morning I hit 38th and Pleasure which was much bigger and way crowded as usual. I caught a couple of waves but mostly I am still figuring out the spot and trying not to piss off the surfers.

That afternoon Erin and I went to the Boardwalk and rode some rides and ate some junk. All and all it went well except the haunted house ride she really wanted to go on. She flipped out on the first corner and nestled under my arm and whimpered the rest of the ride. Ice cream and another ride on the carousel fixed things right up. A quick stroll down to the beach and some sand between her toes and the scary ride was history.

We finished Saturday night with Grandma’s pasta night and all was good.

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