Good Progress

It is brutal working on the boat in 100 degree heat even with shade. I made good progress though by drinking buckets of water while working. I finished wiring both the rear bilge pumps though the new fuse block and everything works. I ran the radar cable into the electronics box. I replaced the captains chair seat slider, which was carroded stuck, and removed the 4″ riser. I had to file off a little bit of a mushroomed flange from the riser but what is left works smooth as butter now. I can slide the seat back and stand at the helm without the chair digging into the back of my legs. I yanked the starting battery and drilled out all the old holes in that area. Then filled them with epoxy. There were almost a dozen I filled. I mounted a new battery plate and attached it with SS screws sealed with 4200. I remounted the battery and nothing moves around now. What a novel concept on a boat. I will deal with the house battery next time. The charger got mounted and I used it to charge both the batteries last night so they are nice and topped off. The Battery Bug on the starting battery confirmed this. Then I vacuumed out the bilge and the rest of the area under the decks. Amazing how much crap was in the bilge just waiting to clog the pumps. All I really want to do is get the battery switch and VSR mounted. Then most things after that are optional and don’t have a time urgency. I spent a lot of time running wires properly and re-looming them wherever I could. More and more is getting dialed in and secured. Now it is time to get her back in the water. Ocean or lake, I am easy. Sorry no pictures this weekend. My wife lent her old camera, that I use, to a friend at school until she can buy her own. Smart phone pictures just dont’ cut it. Maybe next time.

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