Well it has been a little over five months in the new house and I finally got the boat to our home. For now at least. I put it on the side yard behind the fence. Now I have to see if anyone complains and contacts the HOA. I think I am OK (compliant) but you never know with an HOA how they might interpret things. After that I need to get some quotes to enlarge the parking pad. We have a preliminary landscape plan that Dawn has ok’d, at least for the boat parking pad part.


The move went well with only minimum chaos and no injuries. That is saying something as I wore my flip flops for the whole week of the move. With my Mom’s help the kitchen was packed and then unpacked as soon as the boxes hit the house. Thanks Mom! The most of the rest got unpacked shortly thereafter and other than the stuff that will never get unpacked we are done. We even have art on the walls in some places.

We thoroughly enjoyed having our own pool during the heat of the summer. Erin became a much better swimmer and I can worry a little less about her around water now. I was even able to SUP paddle train from the edge of the pool deck so when I went SUP surfing I was not totally out of shape. It made a big difference catching waves to have a strong, familiar sprint stroke. The pool area gets the delta breeze nicely when it kicks in and it makes the back yard amazing. Dawn commented that we used our backyard more in one month than the whole ten years we lived in the old place. Nice!

We turned the formal dinning and living room into Dawn’s art studio and she seems to be settled in and enjoying her space. Cranking out art just like always.

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