Finally, mostly…

We it finally happened after what seemed like and eternity. I have my new trailer for the Sea Ray. They did forget the other spare wheel mount but will be sending along shortly. Other than that the trailer is damn nice! I need to adjust the side guides once the boat settles in so the spacing is correct but other than that it is ready to go. Ford was kind enough not to include a relay with the tow package so technically I still dont’ have brakes yet. A trip to the dealer should fix that. Batteries in the boat got left on during the rains to run the bilge pumps. Apparently they do work but ran down the batteries. It was set to “ALL” which burns down both batteries instead of just one. Argh! Just enough juice to lower the outdrive once we got back to storage. I hope they aren’t ruined as I just bought them. They were the nice a Marine cranking and a dual purpose deep-cycle. I haven’t installed the charger yet so I can’t use it to fix things. I am heading out on business for a few days to Seattle so I can’t work on it this weekend either. Argh!!!! Here are some pictures:

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