Erin Loses Two Wheels and One Tooth

Busy domestic weekend and I got a lot done. Nothing monumental but lots of small projects. I am not quite sure what I did, but I know the green waste and a plastic trash bag are now full. Erin also lost another tooth and was happy to pound on our door at daybreak to let us know.

The big news is Erin figured out how to ride her bike without training wheels! Be afraid, be very afraid. She is not unfortunately. Between that and her Razor scooter she was whipping around the street in front of our house at breakneck speeds all weekend. I just ordered a couple of “Slow – Children at play” signs for the street and we should get them next week. Toy-R-Us and every other place we went to yesterday were sold out. We get lots of people driving down our street who do not seem to understand there are kids around and the kids don’t pay attention to the cars. Argh!

Here is the evidence.


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