Ends the weekend at a new home

Well if you check my Flickr site link (on the right side of my blog in the black box the green hyperlink below my mug) for this weekends pictures you can see how far I made it. Lots of comments on the pictures for what I found. Port side of the bilge compartment mostly done. Still have to remove the trim tab pump though. Starboard side still to go. Maybe next weekend I will finish up the removal which includes the exterior transom. Swim step and trim tabs. Then on to the repairs. Lorne came by to share some of his considerable glass wisdom. Luckily no major repairs just lots and lots and lots of holes.

I got a new spot at the storage facility that I can pull straight out of and back straight into because it is at the right end and tilted the right way. Sweet! Holger won’t have to come rescue me again thank God. No more going around two corners and trying to dodge 100M class A’s and not hit the building in front of me. Never fun and usually time consuming, especially when I was alone. It was always better to hop out and look, which I did a lot. Not as much sun protection from the side as my previous spot but not bad from directly above which is mostly what I am concerned about. It is also longer so when I redo swim step I would have needed a longer spot anyway which this one is. So I am good to go.

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