Cat Proofing

I went over to storage to take some measurements on the boat and found a couple of cats living in my cuddy cabin. I chased them off and proceeded to block the cuddy cabin step where they were getting. It was a temporary fix and I used some scraps of wood and weights that I had in the garage. I wiped out the cabin with some cleaner to get rid of the smell and hair. Still a little to do but the cats had not been there very long and hadn’t wrecked the place to bad yet. I did let the storage facility know as well. They were not happy either.

So I built a removable insert that blocks access to the entire cuddy step area. The insert is collapsible and it folds in half so it is stores small. It should do the trick I think. I used some exterior grade enamel paint from the hardware store that almost matches the color of the boat. If I need to redo at some point I will make it more burly. For now it will do the trick and I should get a few years out of it at least.

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