Abalone Diving!

I made a speed run with Brad and Minh to the coast to meet up with the dive club that was spending the weekend up at Ocean Cove (http://www.oceancove.org/store.html). Jack was nice enough to ferry us out to a spot north of the cove in his inflatable and after almost two years since I last freedove I was able to get a limit. It took a little effort but I dove better than I had hoped and was able to spend most of my time down between 23-28 feet. I felt surprising comfortable diving for my lack of fitness and not having practiced any breathe ups. There were not many abs in the outer area that was exposed to the winter swell though. Then Holger pointed me in shallower where I finally found plenty of abs among the boulders in about 20-23 feet. Lots of abs to choose from and I finished my limit. The visibility was only 6-8′ so we had left the spearguns behind so no fish unfortunately. When we were done we helped Jack pull his boat out and after a nice lunch with the rest of the club we headed back home. I was tired and slept well. Tonight we dine on fresh abalone!

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