Folsom Lake

Last weekend we took Erin to Folsom Lake for the first time. Kyle and I did a dry run the previous week and had a good time swiming. Kyle even ran the boat for awhile without incident. So  Dawn and I got a lifevest for Erin and the whole fam damily went the following week. After a little initial crying, whimpering and clutching mommy everything turned out ok. You do know I was talking about Erin and not Kyle right? We found a little cove with a nice sandy beach, threw out the anchor and hit the water. Erin was a little clutchy at first but got used to bobbing around in her lifevest and was ok. She even went off with Kyle for awhile and they had a good time splashing each other. After we got off the lake, which was its own bit of chaos, we  were all fairly fried (tired). Erin did ask about going back to the lake the next day thoug so I would call that a sucess. Dawn even had fun as a non-water, non-boat  girl, actually I stand corrected in that she is a lake water girl. There is hope for us as a family.

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