Workbench Remodel

Well I decided the workbench needed a remodel after my parents Christmas gift:

This beauty pretty much filled up my existing workbench. When it extends it can cut a 2″x12″, but the downside is that it needs a almost 36″ of depth to do so. It can also swing more than 45 degrees each way. Again very handy, but it uses a lot of real estate. So after much thought and some huddling with the wife, here is what resulted- 4’x8′ of workbench glory!!!

As you can see I can do my layout and cutting at the same time. Very handy!

I can also finally use my drill press and bench grinder easily. Being able to use the grinder already came in handy remounting my vise. Such a simple thing, but so very practical to be able to do things right.

We had to about empty the garage to rebuild things but we got it all back in the garage on the shelves like before. It was the start of our spring cleaning as there was a lot of unused stuff. That is a project for the next few months though.

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