Domestic Weekend

Today they are delivering our new kitchen table. We sold the old one on Craigslist two weeks ago with no problem. It was Dawn’s first Craigslist experience and she did just fine. The table was in good shape after the almost ten years I had it, but according to Dawn it was a knee basher. I never had that problem, but it makes her happy having it gone so that is good. With the new one we are also switching styles as well. As we have been replacing and buying new stuff this, has been happening all around the house. We are leaving the Mission style all around the house slowly.

Then it’s off to switch storage units to smaller one right by the big boat now that the little boat is gone. Then if I have any energy left, off to the backyard to try to finish removing the small tree in the backyard. I am trying to do all the tearing out of stuff in the winter when the ground is soft so I have a clean palette for spring. I am sure I will have a helper with princess gloves. No I don’t mean Kyle. He has his own man gloves he picked out himself.

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