Bought a new boat!

You heard me right I bought a new boat! Yes I know the old boat is not sold yet but it will be once I am done my exams and can repost the ad. The new boat is a 1988 Sea Ray 250 Cuddy Fisherman. It was first sold in 1990 as I actually have the original sales slip. It should work well out on the local lakes and Delta as it looks like a lake boat. It has a great hull and should also do just fine for coastal fishing and diving.  Here are a couple of pictures and yes that is a full sized van. The crows nest / tuna tower is “folded” over and I may end up takign it off for the types of things I plan to use it for. I may replace with a set up to carry kayaks for lake and ocean use. We will see. We also have not named it yet as I want to make it a family project. Lots of things to do and make sure they are safe before we do any serious boating but the platform has been purchased.

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