The hull repairs might be done next week.

I dropped by Hurliman Friday to see how things were going. They are welding up the fuel tank and finishing up Cabin Bilge compartment redo. I added that to the list of repairs recently. From the factory the compartment was mostly lined with carpet and whatever paint there was had come off. Not the smartest design but then I am guessing they never actually thought there would be water in it. Normally that might be true but with the free diving and swimming that will be happening on my boat it is probaby a good idea to have it actually working. Also considering that I hope to spend time offshore and at the islands it needs to work.

Here is another before and after along with a overview picture.

You can see the new black tinted fiberglass on the bottom of the fuel locker. Nice and thick to protect the hull from the tank bottom. The old tank had just worn through glass underneath it and exposed the plywood deck beneath it. Not good.

Once I get the boat back I get to reinstall the electrical (batteries, switches, fuses, charger, etc.) before the motor goes in. Hopefully it will be done in a few months. I was looking through some old posts and realized it will be two years out of commission this January, argh! When it hits the water the oldest thing in the drivetrain and infrastructure will be the motor. The motor had already been replaced a few years before I bought the boat. Hopefully I get many years without any significant issues and just normal maintenance.

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