So much for progress

Well after my good progress yesterday, I hit a snag. I continued installing the stainless steel support tubes and I wrecked two pipe cutters. One cut then the cutting wheel crumbled, twice. I need to pick one up that has a wheel made for stainless steel and not copper. Hitting Sears at lunch tomorrow since they have one that is rated for stainless. So then I shifted gears and finished removing the old trim tab pump and tubes. I cleaned off tons of silicon, but there is a lot more to go. I also drilled out most of the screw holes and luckily didn’t find anything bad. It definitely takes a leap of faith to take a drill and start putting holes in your boat. I did use a drill stop so I didn’t go through anywhere. I poked around in the holes afterwards with a small screwdriver and found mostly solid wood which made me feel better. Then I cleaned things up because Kyle had volleyball practice coming up. I had just enough time to wash the boat before putting it back in storage until next week. Here are a couple more pictures and one with Erin giving the ladder scale. The swim step is four feet off the ground.

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