Got the measurements on the new swim step

I got the measurements for the new swim step today and removed the old one. The new one is going to be 36″ deep and about 5 feet wide with room for a kicker bracket on the starboard side. I left about 26″ on that side which should handle kicker motors up to about a 25 HP. The depth is required so that when the outdrive is up the swim step will cover it. Nice and safe for the kids for when they jump off it at the lake. It will also be sweet for diving off of. Plenty of room for big spearguns and big fish. I also removed my trim tabs today. Some of the screws were wet and somewhat rusted and one of the heads snapped off. I was able to get it out with some pliers no sweat. About half the holes are going to need some TLC before I patch them. I hope the rot is not to bad. My Dad helped me throughout the day today which was handy in a few spots. Here are a few shots of the template (and me) before I mail it off to get the swim step built. Check my Flickr site for all the days pictures.

Picture 36″ fins on my feet and the deep blue beneath!

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