Getting closer

Well I shot my first small batch of gel coat on a deck panel that had twenty three holes in it. I only shot about seven holes this time. Other than the fact it set up almost immediately in 100 degree heat, it didn’t go too badly. My lovely artist wife had helped me with my color match and after some trial and error we about nailed it. It was a nightmare cleaning the spray gun. Note to self: spray fast, under catalyze, and thin more with acetone, oh and avoid shooting in 100 degree heat! Also get the sprayer parts into acetone in under twenty minutes when things gel.

I just washed off the PVA after six hours curing, and it did not look too bad. I will see how it looks after sanding, polishing, and waxing. My guess is it will look great since it is dang close colorwise now. Other than tweaking the sprayer process, I think I am ready to start on the boat transom.

Oh by the way, when I was at the boat the other day I found a dead almost fully decomposed rabbit under a deck hatch. My guess is a cat at the storage yard chased it through the out drive hole and it hid out under deck until it died. What is next in my boat’s adventure I can’t even imagine.

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